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This blog is dedicated to start-ups I plan to keep a close eye on in the next year or so. The criteria I use to determine which start-ups get selected are those I feel are fully-capable of bringing in a yearly six figure income. These websites are fully-functional, have a visually stunning layout, demonstrate a clean, simple, and modern interface, and are effectively monetized.


Elevator Pitch: WishBooklet is an easy way to share the gifts you want with your friends and family and get them to pitch in to get them for you. Think of it as kickstarter for gifts



Founder: Eric Santos


Description: WishBooklet is a universal wish list and gift crowdfunding platform all in one. On WishBooklet you can easily add items from any online store to your wish list, share this list online, and crowd fund gifts with your friends and family. WishBooklet allows multiple people to crowdfund a gift or just a single individual to purchase a gift. On WishBooklet you get what you really want and nobody has to pay a ton of money to get it for you. Obtaining money for the gifts you want has never been easier. Create wish lists and crowdfund gifts today!


Why it's Unique: The concept of crowdfunding is by no means new, but the concept for crowdfunding for gifts is very new. People have have been using crowdfunding for years to fund business and charitable dreams. The global crowdfunding volume reached $2.7 Billion dollars last year, and is expected to almost double by the end of 2013. While raising money for causes and charitable dreams is great and all, why is very little to none of this multi-billion dollar market being used towards personal gifts? WishBooklet is disrupting the crowdfunding industry by being one of the first platforms allowing individuals to crowd fund for themselves.


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Friday, 14 August 2020