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This blog is dedicated to start-ups I plan to keep a close eye on in the next year or so. The criteria I use to determine which start-ups get selected are those I feel are fully-capable of bringing in a yearly six figure income. These websites are fully-functional, have a visually stunning layout, demonstrate a clean, simple, and modern interface, and are effectively monetized.

Tipping Circle

Elevator Pitch: With TippingCircle it's easy to exchange money with friends by connecting with social networks and PayPal. As more people stop using cash, there is a growing need for personal payments online. TippingCircle provides convenient apps making personal payments simple, social, and secure.



Description: TippingCircle is a personal payment service that allows its users to send and request payments with friends at home or on the go, setup group payments for events, and run social fundraisers. TippingCircle’s mobile payment app makes it easy to exchange money with friends by connecting users with their social networks and PayPal. Tips (or payments) can be sent by email address or through social media.


Why it's Unique: TippingCircle is being embraced by social media users to expand their social network with an online payment profile that makes life more convenient. This payment service is a one-stop shop for various types of personal payment methods used online. Group payments and social fundraisers can be achieved using tipping buckets. These buckets can be shared through Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks to collect payments for birthdays, weddings, sports clubs, and other events. Social fundraisers are helping people pay for medical bills, contribute to local non-profits, and support other good causes.


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Tuesday, 22 October 2019