Elevator Pitch: GoodApril is Automated Tax Planning software that puts an end to April tax surprises and helps you to take advantage of tax savings opportunities throughout the year

Website: https://www.goodapril.com/


Founder: Benny Joseph


Description: When it comes to filing your income taxes, it’s hard to have a good April. Today, income taxes are reactive -You are not in control; you don’t know if you will get a refund or owe the IRS, nor do you have the confidence that you’re paying the least amount possible. To solve this, you need to engage in year-round tax planning, but few people have the knowledge or patience to do it. GoodApril solves this by automating tax planning, giving year-round guidance so you know your outcome in advance and can take advantage of tax saving opportunities as they arise.


Why it's Unique: Year long tax planning.



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