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This blog is dedicated to start-ups I plan to keep a close eye on in the next year or so. The criteria I use to determine which start-ups get selected are those I feel are fully-capable of bringing in a yearly six figure income. These websites are fully-functional, have a visually stunning layout, demonstrate a clean, simple, and modern interface, and are effectively monetized.

Boca Raton Import Export

Elevator Pitch: We are partnered with FedEx to offer you a significant discount on everything you ship domestically and internationally.



Founder: TJ McDonald


Description: Boca Raton Import Export is partnered with FedEx to bring you shipping labels at a significant discount. We specialize in Priority, 2Day, and Express shipping. That’s 30% off the package and 10% off the label to bring you a 40% discount on EVERYTHING you ship (up to 150lbs). Some of our clients include reptile and aquatic breeders, food subscription services, medical suppliers, and people who haven’t sent there parents Christmas presents yet. We made sure that our site is as simple as possible and have timed from the moment you enter to the moment you receive your label at 101 seconds. We take pride in that.


Why it's Unique: It only takes 101 seconds to enter the site, pay, and receive your label.



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Wednesday, 30 September 2020